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Vitor Mendonça Prado

OAB SP 338965

Founding Partner & Attorney

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Vitor Mendonça Prado is a lawyer and founding partner of Mendonça Prado Advogados, founder and managing partner of V7 Coin, Founder and CEO of Global Investors Club, entrepreneur, speaker, mentor, advisor, author of two books and investor.


Mr. Prado is a cross-functional leader with experience in market strategy and legal and commercial effectiveness. Mr. Prado develops an executive-level view of key objectives and outcomes by leveraging a structured approach to solving complex, multidimensional problems by prioritizing solutions based on impact, feasibility and time.

Mr. Prado has deep international experience in venture capital & private equity, growth strategy, sales, law, investment, due diligence, consulting, venture capital and private equity, marketing, direct-to-consumer business models, business strategy and research market, corporate structuring, multi-million multimillion tax and cross-border M&A transactions in automotive, aerospace, information technology, general services, healthcare, education, food and agriculture, clean technology, banking and finance and utilities.

At the age of 18, Vitor founded his first company, CAVI (Unregulated Fund) in São Paulo, where he successfully evaluated and closed private equity real estate transactions in the interior of São Paulo, around strategic airports. After completing two bachelor's degrees (Business Administration and Law), at age 23, Vitor became a lawyer in Brazil.


At age 24, he founded the Prado Capital Group, a US$300M venture capital fund, in New York City and London and completed his Masters in International Tax Law at King's College London. A year later, at age 25, he dropped out of his Masters in Finance at Harvard University and moved to New York City to focus on his career at his own company, Prado Capital Group - a venture capital fund/venture capital fund. . He was also an M&A corporate finance professional at PricewaterhouseCoopers, structuring multi-million cross-border M&A transactions.

Mr. Prado worked as a sales consultant at an Israeli digital marketing company early in his career. He was also an intern at the São Paulo Court of Justice and at a boutique law firm, both in São Paulo, Brazil. He is proud to work for a non-profit organization, TECHO in Brazil. TECHO (Spanish for “roof”) aims to fight poverty by overseeing the construction of emergency transitional housing and implementing social empowerment programs for families in need. Mr. Prado worked for the Pajama program in New York City, offering the magical gifts of pajamas and books, bringing a thoughtful bedtime ritual into children's lives. He continues to support TECHO and works to increase its visibility in the US, UK, Europe and Latin America.


He is a member of Êxito - Latin American Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Mr. Prado is a representative, investor and mentor at FasterCapital (Dubai-based startup accelerator). He is also a member at ANPPD® - National Association of Data Privacy Professionals, mentor at BBX Brasil (, evaluator and consultant at 100 Open Startups, member and angel investor at FEA Angels , member of the special committee for studies of legislation on creative entrepreneurship (Startups) at OAB-SP and business consultant at Methode Consultoria (

He was a speaker at the Silicon Valley Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum and at Angel Global in Silicon Valley in 2015. In the same year he was a guest speaker at Protohack in New York City. He ran two 42 km/21 mile marathons, one in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2013 and the other in Madrid, Spain in 2014.

Lived, studied and worked in London, New York, Boston, Palo Alto - Silicon Valley, San Francisco and San Diego; Speaks fluently English and Portuguese. Has intermediate Spanish and basic Italian. He is currently writing two books, one in the area of law “Law for Startups – Brazil, Europe, UK and USA” and another in the area of investments. In addition, he teaches the course of law for companies and startups, for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs.

Mr. Prado is a vegetarian and his hobbies are travel, philanthropy, art, wine, sailing, exercise, reading, golf, triathlon, cooking and spending time with his family.