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In this area, Mendonça Prado Advogados provides assistance to companies in the most varied aspects, both consultative and litigation, administrative or judicial.


In this way, we are able to present to the client an in-depth view of all available alternatives, considering benefits and possible risks that are involved in each case and, thus, gathering all relevant information in order to provide the necessary inputs for legal departments and tax officials and their executives can make safe decisions.


Our consultative front provides analysis and opinions related to tax matters in a consistent manner, also including social security issues. In order to anticipate the situation, our team considers both legislation and the guidance of administrative and judicial jurisprudence, which helps to avoid possible conflicts with tax authorities.


The integration of our tax area with the other areas represents one of the most important values of Mendonça Prado Advogados, allowing a consistent analysis of the impacts arising from tax issues in the banking, labor, corporate, social security or financial sectors.


In addition, in corporate mergers, joint ventures, acquisitions and the like, our team actively participates in the legal audits - due diligence - of the companies involved, in order to verify the overview of tax assets and liabilities.


Boasting an extensive practical background, our team of lawyers specialized in tax planning is qualified not only to carry out the analysis, but also to elaborate the improvement of complex structures of large business groups, whether in international affairs or in tax effects on distribution. products, corporate planning and financial products.


Acting on the most diverse issues related to advisory and litigation, the Mendonça Prado Advogados tax works both on issues that cover special customs regimes, preferential tariff treatment involving international agreements, import and export of goods and services, customs valuation, and transfer pricing, classification fiscal and trade facilitation.


Specifically in the context of litigation, our team defends the interest of our clients regarding their performance in different governmental spheres, whether they are municipal, state or federal. Our lawyers specialized in administrative and judicial litigation, personally handle the proceedings, keeping our partners constantly informed, so that they can actively participate in the development of the best defense strategies and obtain the best and most effective results. In summary, the performance of our office's tax department includes:


- Consulting on tax and social security issues;

Audit - due diligence - integral in corporate transactions;

- Tax planning, both national and international;

- Transfer pricing;

- Negotiation of protocols carried out directly with the federation entities, that is, tax benefits;

- Litigation, both administrative and judicial;

- Foreign trade.