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Our office has a team of qualified professionals to answer the complex legal and commercial issues of e-commerce companies, whether large or established in this market, or those that are starting their online activities.


Having a unique history in the legal consulting area in the most diverse aspects that involve the digital market, the technology team at Mendonça Prado Advogados specializes in Internet Law and Information Technology, being able to provide advice on financing, contracting, mergers and acquisitions, competitive and regulatory aspects, taxation and commercial contracts, as well as consumer protection, data protection and security and in matters involving intellectual property.


Therefore, our technology team is able to provide effective solutions in the following sectors:


- Provision of website and data center hosting;

- Virtual banking services and payments - e-banking and e-payments;

- E-commerce;

- Marketing and advertising;

- Internet service providers - ISPs;

- Search engines and portals;

- Investments in participations - private equity - and in emerging companies - venture capital.


In addition, our practical experience in structuring technology agreements translates into benefits for our customers and protection of their interests. The solid experience of our team in the technology area was built over years of operation in virtually all sectors of this segment, encompassing the entire chain of operations in the technological area, from products, services and infrastructure to intellectual property.

Among the fields of expertise in the technology area of ​​Mendonça Prado Advogados, the following stand out:


- The telecommunications sector;

- Implementation of company resource planning - ERPs;

- Software development and licensing;

- Online payment processing;

- Hosted and cloud-based solutions, such as SaaS;

- Outsourcing in the IT sector;

- Production and manufacture of hardware;