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Corporate social responsibility

Exceptional representation

Situated among the most prestigious law firms in Brazil, Mendonça Prado Advogados supports causes that we consider to be of great importance, including the promotion of an inclusive environment that favors diversity, in addition to acting responsibly throughout our practice. performance network.


This is because, we believe that our participation in this movement is a key element in building a better future for all of us.


Thus, our Corporate Social Responsibility Committee develops Pro Bono activity, conducting actions aimed at diversity, inclusion and sustainability. Through our committee, we support the realization of socio-cultural projects.

In addition, our Diversity and Inclusion Committee supports actions aimed at strengthening our commitment to building an environment without prejudice, which is inclusive and at the same time fair.


Our office has five affinity groups, all made up of members of our team. The groups work on the following themes: LGBTQI +, gender equality, ethnicity, people with special needs and religious tolerance.