Company Recovery and Bankruptcy

With professionals from various backgrounds and in the most diverse areas of business law and litigation, Mendonça Prado Advogados enables the formation of multidisciplinary teams, through which work is helped according to the particular reality of each client.


Our bankruptcy and recovery team provides the following services:


- Credit recovery before companies that are in the process of recovery or bankruptcy, as well as executions against the main debtor and its co-obligors, in addition to other judicial measures aimed at preserving credit;

- Study and planning of alternatives in the acquisition and negotiation of companies that are experiencing financial difficulties;

- Constitution of representation before creditors 'committees and assemblies, as well as establishment of creditors' societies;

- Participation in liabilities re-elaboration processes;

- Advice and guidance on the renewal or renegotiation of bank loans and structuring of alternative ways of financing that have been spread in certain assets of companies in difficulty;

- Corporate readjustment of companies in financial difficulties;

- Development of business recovery plans and strategies.