Making Notes

Private Equity & Venture Capital

Our team of lawyers enjoys significant international experience. In addition, our work teams are formed from their areas of expertise.


These factors open up a range of possibilities for action and allow us to interact competently with investors, assisting them in the entire investment process in Brazil, both in public and private companies, thus ensuring the achievement of the best result. in the structuring of the investment as well as in the negotiations that are being conducted with the founding shareholders in each stage of the investment. This area of Mendonça Prado Advogados covers:


- Active participation, both in the development and monitoring of regulatory initiatives in the Brazilian context that are related to venture capital and private equity;

- Participation with respect to Brazilian law regarding the constitution of investment funds abroad;

- Conducting due diligence in target companies;

- Constitution and registration of investment funds on the national scene;

- Elaboration of investment structure in Brazil of investment funds, whether national or foreign, both by investing in shares and by means of convertible credit instruments, adapting to Brazilian law the best international practices;

- Preparation and negotiation of shareholders' agreements, investment agreements, as well as other documents involved in the operation;

- Assistance in the process of implementing the best corporate governance practices in companies receiving investments;

- Drafting of negotiation of financing contracts;

- Active participation in the investee company's growth process and continuous investment monitoring;

- Participation in the divestment process - when the invested company is sold to third parties or in an initial public offering - IPO;

- Provision of advice in the divestment process - sale of invested company to third parties or in an initial public offering - IPO.