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Social Security

Mendonça Prado Advogados' clients have at their disposal a legal counsel specialized in social security matters. Our team of professionals working on this matter has in-depth knowledge of the area, which in addition to extensive experience, enables us to provide fast, accurate and highly technical advice in the execution of the following activities:


- Legal diligence both in the area of ​​public and private pensions;

- Legal assistance in the constitution of regulations involving benefit plans, adhesion agreements and internal regulations of the private pension plan;

- Representation in administrative or judicial proceedings that are related to private pension plans and also with their officers;

- Consultancy and guidance in the management transfer process, in the withdrawal of sponsorship and in the alteration or extinction of private pension plans;

- Representation in court in labor claims involving matters related to public or private pension;

- Representation in administrative and judicial processes that are linked to the requirement for social contributions from the employer to cover social security;

- Legal advice in the area of ​​social security;