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Ethics, Loyalty, Diligence, Confidentiality, Equality, Diversity

Transparency, Plurality, Collaboration


Our mission at Mendonça Prado Advogados is to serve our clients in the most diverse areas of law, acting with efficiency, creativity and security, to achieve their goals. Our mission also involves recruiting and developing the best talent in order to provide cutting-edge services in the field of law. Furthermore, we work to continuously deepen and share knowledge, as well as to put into practice our ethical values ​​and pass them on.

Our Values

Among the main values ​​that guide our practices are loyalty, equality, confidentiality, as well as ethics, diligence and diversity.


Our vision is that society can be improved through Law. We also believe that the legal profession must reveal a commitment to ethics, responsibility and the excellence of legal solutions and, at the same time, to the satisfaction of our clients and the personal fulfillment of our employees.

What we believe

We believe in transparency both in communication and in accountability, in the plurality of ideas, relationships and possibilities, and in collaboration to achieve the expected results.

Our Credibility

The reliability of our services rests on three pillars: our intellectual capital, the consistency and coherence of our practices and our already consolidated values.



Headquartered in Brazil, Mendonça Prado Advogados is an office specialized in multidisciplinary operations, with independent and diversified operations. Our expertise enables us to interpret the Brazilian legal environment and, thus, bring benefits to our clients, whether national or international.

Our ability to provide assistance to the most diverse customer profiles, regardless of the economic sector to which they belong, results from our diversified performance, and is also a result of the level of excellence of our team of professionals.


Bringing this profile, we are able to create a relationship of trust between client and lawyer, whether in the definition of everyday issues or even in strategic decisions, involving sophisticated legal issues, despite their complexity or the technical challenges they may represent.


We work in both consultative and litigation areas, providing advice to legal departments, the human and financial resources sectors of our clients, in the areas of: family and inheritance, labor, immigration, also international trade, consumer, social security, tax, arbitration and mediation, intellectual, banking and financial property, capital markets, corporate, real estate, technology, civil, business recovery and bankruptcy, life Science and healthcare, private equity and venture capital, fintech, business and M&A.


Mendonça Prado Advogados represents clients both in Brazil and abroad, covering a wide range of sectors, from health, environment, technology and real estate, to the automotive, construction and construction materials, banking and financial services, waste management , energy, natural resources and oil and gas. In addition, our office has representatives throughout Brazil, maintaining a close relationship with highly regarded firms in several countries.