Making Notes

Life Science & Healthcare

Mendonça Prado Advogados also has a specialized interdisciplinary team, dedicated to the area of health, biotechnology, agriculture and biodiversity.


Therefore, we provide legal advice to companies in the sector, from biotechnology and pharmaceutical laboratories to the medical products and equipment industry, as well as cosmetics, food and food supplements, beverages, hygiene products, animal health, seeds and cultivar defense. , biofuels companies, as well as trade associations, diagnostic clinics, hospitals, and healthcare professionals.


Our team is formed by lawyers specialized in several areas, who work in an integrated way aiming to assist clients in the following matters:


- Approval of drug prices at the Medicines Market Regulation Chamber - CMED;

- Compliance area - Foreign Corrupt Practices Act - FCPA, codes of ethical conduct);

- Contracts and approvals for clinical trials and obligations related to clinical post-studies;

- Regulatory sector;

- Merger and acquisition operations;

- Emerging companies;

- Advertising and marketing;

- Restrictions on foreign investments involving the healthcare sector;

- Public-Private Partnerships - PPP - specifically for technology transfer contracts signed with state-owned companies in the pharmaceutical sector;

- National Immunization Program - PNI;

- Patents involving pharmaceutical products;

- Purchases linked to the Ministry of Health;

- Supply contracts signed with the Ministry of Health and in bidding actions;

- Inspections of Good Manufacturing Practices - GMP at the international level;

- Research and development related to Genetically Modified Organisms - GMOs;

- Administrative defenses against infraction notices drawn up by the Ministry of Agriculture;

- Warrants and decisions issued by health authorities;

- Regularization involving bioprospecting, collection, transport as well as access to the genetic heritage of Brazilian biodiversity;

- Sector of research, development and protection of cultivars.