Making Notes

Real Estate

Over the past few years, the Brazilian real estate market has become deeply sophisticated. In order to follow this significant evolution, Mendonça Prado Advogados formed a team of specialized professionals to serve this client profile in a variety of sectors, for example:


- Real estate business sector - involving issues related to urban planning, assistance in real estate transactions, incorporations, purchase and sale of real estate, subdivisions, real estate guarantees, real estate audits;

- Shopping Center sector - performance both in the purchase and sale of shopping centers, in the structuring of investments for the construction or development of new ventures, as well as in the negotiation of lease agreements in the shopping center area;

- Branches of hospitality and tourism - advising on investments in the area of hospitality and tourism, such as theme parks, hotels, resorts or real estate for the development of tourist activities in coastal or marine areas;

- Rural real estate business area - acting in businesses involving leases, rural partnerships and foreign investments;

- Construction contracts sector - performance in the elaboration and negotiation contemplating the various types of construction contracts, the object of which is residential, commercial, factories or infrastructure projects and power plants.