Team Meeting

Family & Succession

Departing from the mission to assist clients both in preventing and resolving conflicts in the family and succession area, Mendonça Prado Advogados has a prepared team, with many years of experience. In this area, the scope of our consultative and or litigation activities involves the following sectors:


- Food, whether it is a request for concession, review, exoneration or execution;

- Precautionary measure for the listing of assets;

- Donation;

- Marriage, both property regime and prenuptial agreement;

- Divorce;

- Precautionary measure of separation of bodies;

- Family and succession planning;

- Guard and regulation of visits to children and adolescents;

- Affiliation, including adoption and paternity investigation;

- Interdiction;

- Inventory and listing of assets;

- Sharing of goods;

- Wills;

- Guardianship;

- Stable union, recognition and dissolution.