Law course for startups and companies

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Law course for startups and companies

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When interacting with the ecosystem of startups, the entrepreneur must know the legal aspects that involve the constitution and management of a startup.

In order to meet this demand, the course entitled Law for Startups presents a legal framework that allows entrepreneurs to evaluate their decisions from a legal perspective, covering all phases of a startup, from its conception to the stage of fundraising.

After completing the course, the student will be able to:

- Know how the birth of a startup occurs;

- Know the structure of a startup;

- Identify ways of raising capital and divesting.

Who this course is for

Our Law Course for Startups is indicated for professionals who work in the area of Law or in any area, regardless of whether they are already graduated or not, and who are looking for specific knowledge in this area, that is, interested in acquiring conceptual notions about startups, know about its impacts and assess its risks. The course is also aimed at those interested in learning about the privacy policy and about external sources of financing for this segment.

In addition, the course is aimed at professionals who want a practical and quick application in this segment and who are willing to expand their networking, sharing knowledge and exchanging experiences.

The Course will be divided into four main modules:

First module - The ideation stage of a startup

- Emergence and regulation of a startup

- Risk assessment in the design of a startup;

- Innovations and mechanisms for the protection of intellectual property

Second module - The structuring of a startup

- Startups: structuring the team

- Startups: terms, requirements and privacy policy

- Startups: corporate and tax legislation

Third module - capital

- Startups and access to capital and seed investment

- External funding sources for startups

Fourth module - Investment and divestment

- Investment processes

- Divestment process in the context of startups

Hours: 30 hours / class