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Mendonça Prado Advogados has a team of professionals dedicated to the practice that involves consumer relations, which adds solid academic and professional training to its members, thus revealing high specialization in the area, which allows the firm to provide clients with a team that is in full swing and covers all branches of the collective process.


Thus, our team plays a strong role in cases of high complexity and relevance, being present in the most varied segments of the areas of industry, commerce and services. In addition, we work with the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, financial and automobile sectors.


The Mendonça Prado Advogados team stands out for its preventive and litigious performance in conflicts between consumers and suppliers, as well as in demands that involve inspection and consumer protection bodies and that are related to product liability.


This area of the office is prepared to work with the following procedures:


- In the preparation, review and analysis of consumer contracts;

- Acting with the consumer protection agencies in the most diverse spheres of the government, in administrative procedures with extensive experience in the conclusion of Conduct Adjustment Terms - TAC;

- Advisory performance through the elaboration of legal positions in matters involving responsibility, commercial practices and contractual protection;

- Judicial action in the various consumer actions, whether individual or collective, public civil actions or collective actions proposed by the MP, consumer actions or other legitimate actions;

- Assistance in the analysis of the appropriate summons and administrative or judicial procedures resulting from the implementation of recalls in the most varied aspects.