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International Trade

Presenting solidified international experience, the professionals of the international trade area of Mendonça Prado Advogados are qualified to advise companies and professional associations on the most diverse topics, among which the following stand out:


- Customs regimes - import and export;

- Preferential treatment that is under international agreements - MERCOSUL, ALADI, among others;

- Taxation and tax benefits related to foreign trade;

- Commercial facilitation;

- Customs valuation;

- Tax classification;

- Rules of origin;

- Ex-tariff;

- Non-tariff barriers;

- Trade defense - anti-dumping and subsidies, that is: compensatory measures;

- Safeguards, both general and transitional;

- Sanitary and phytosanitary measures;

- Technical barriers to trade;

- Trade in services;

- Analysis of the compatibility of foreign trade conditions in other countries, in accordance with WTO regulations.


In addition to these qualifications, our team of professionals specialized in International Trade is specialized in providing consultancy services in the following matters: representation in administrative or judicial proceedings, assistance in international treaty negotiations, whether bilateral, regional or multilateral; advice and representation in commercial disputes before authorities, whether Brazilian, foreign or international organizations.


Still regarding its performance, our international trade team maintains a close relationship with the main law firms abroad, working particularly in cases that require multi-jurisdictional action.