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Mendonça Prado Advogados is formed by global citizens with a wide variety of backgrounds, they are connected with the digital universe and have a thirst for innovation and they are connected with the digital universe.


Our lawyers and our administrative teams are specialized in their areas of expertise, they consider collaborative relationships important and they all have in common a constant search for success.


In addition, our employees seek to understand the customer's point of view and are highly committed to ensuring the success of our relationships and transactions. To that end, for each problem presented by the client, we take care to direct the right professional, no matter the time and place.


More than achieving a goal, our biggest motivation is to share our values.

Therefore, our firm invests in the career of all our employees, whether they are lawyers, partners or members of the administrative team.


Thus, Mendonça Prado Advogados constantly provides learning opportunities while monitoring performance and planning the growth of our employees.

We deeply believe in the culture of development and in the training of the professionals who work with us.


Based on this vision, through our internship program, we invest in the training of young talents, giving students the opportunity to experience various areas of law and live with renowned professionals.

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