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The Terms of Use ("Terms") presented here regulate your relationship with MPA - Mendonça Prado Advogados - from the moment you use the website - www.mendoncaprado.com - (the "Site") detailing the chances of occurrence and explaining the purposes for which we use your information when you are interacting with the Site, as described below.


It is important to consider that these Terms do not apply to any third parties, including social media, whether they are: Facebook, Instagram and YouTube or others, even if you are using such media to contact us. Therefore, you should always consider the terms and policies applicable to any third party websites or platforms that you are accessing.


1. The Site is provided for information purposes, therefore, it should not be interpreted as advertising material or for the purpose of attracting customers. In addition, the Site is not intended to be a platform for selling services, so you will not be able to register or purchase services using the Site.


2. All information provided on the Site has content for information purposes only. Therefore, they should not be considered legal recommendations, legal opinions or any form of consultancy. Your use of the Site does not create any legal relationship between you and the MPA.


3. All information and texts made available on the Site are produced by MPA employees or are obtained from sources believed to be reliable. Therefore, both the information and the content of the external links indicated on this website are not the responsibility of the MPA. In addition, the features made available on the Site do not guarantee the quality, nor the authenticity or integrity of the information provided. Therefore, you must verify the veracity of the information obtained on the Site and take all appropriate measures to protect yourself from possible damage.


4. MPA reserves the right to update, improve and correct the information made available on the website. Thus, MPA is exempt, to the greatest extent permitted by applicable law, for any damages resulting from the use of the Site, or else, for the failure of equipment, connection, data transmission, interruption errors, delay in its operation, or caused by computer viruses, or by failures in the telecommunications system or connection provider, as well as in any incompatibility existing between the Site and its files or your internet browser.


5. You agree to use the Site in good faith and paying attention to the purely informative purpose of the content presented on it. In addition, you will not be able to use the Site in any way that would impair its functioning, including, but not limited to attempts to insert malicious code, attacks that result in denial of service or abuse in the event of any failure or error presented by the Site .


6. The content made available on the Site in its entirety is the sole and exclusive ownership of the MPA or else, it has been duly licensed for exclusive use of the MPA. These Terms do not grant any license or assignment of intellectual property rights, therefore, you are not authorized to reproduce any part of the Site or its content, under penalty of sanctions provided for in applicable laws.


7. These Terms may be updated at any time. Whenever we do, we will add a notice at the top of this page and, if the changes are substantial, the notice will be displayed on the Site's homepage.