Expand knowledge to develop people, companies and organizations to solve the challenges of reality in a collaborative way.



Bring applied and differentiated knowledge to people to lead companies to organizational fullness.



Contribute in a unique, ethical, innovative and decisive way in the continuous development of people and businesses.


• PBL - Problem Based Learning - which is structured in andragogy and aims at both behavioral and attitudinal changes (soft skills) as well as full conceptual mastery and its application in organizations (hard skills). PBL provides:

- Knowledge of the root cause of the problem, its discussion based on scientific concepts and the development of critical thinking

- Exchange of experiences between participants and consequent application by similarity (benchmark)

- Development of personal and group skills aimed at problem solving

The 360º Management program consists of 7 tracks and each of them has 4 modules. Thus, there are a total of 28 modules, if the participant wishes to carry out the complete program. This is because the format of the program is blended learning, that is, the participant assembles his path, however he will only advance if he obtains an 85% average in each module. The advantages of this format are:



- OKR (Objectives and Key Results) - each module has a set of tools that help to solve the problem and the results to be achieved

- Methodology 70-20-10 - the theoretical basis is discussed with the participants and made available on the platform for consultation. Then the participants will have to exchange experiences on the topic to finally apply it individually, solve the problem and be evaluated.


- People Analytics - in each of the stages there is a mapping of time and individual performance (assessment). At the end of each module, a set of KPI (Key Performance Indicator) will be sent to the participant, along with their overall average.

The development of each module can be via EAD, Presencial or Blended. Therefore, it is essential to accurately map the needs of each company. The 360º Management program team will make a diagnosis to understand the objective and expected results. Below, the characteristics of each model.



The EAD format is recommended for phases 1 and 2 of each module. The 4.7 Company platform makes it possible to:


- Choice of tracks and modules

- Text and video content

- Formation of teams in each module to exchange experiences

- Evaluation and generation of certificates

- Payment system with several operators


The face-to-face format is recommended for phases 3 and 4 of each module. The physical presence and deeper discussion of the themes makes it possible to:


- Development of negotiation skills, creativity, empathy, leadership and persuasion (soft skills)

- Measurement of results according to the chosen strategy and comparison with other teams (hard skills)

- In-depth discussion of concepts and their effective application in business

- Evaluation and generation of certificates

The 360º Management Program consists of 7 tracks, namely:



3.Business Development and Marketing

4 people



7.RSA - Socio-Environmental Responsibility

The knowledge trails are divided into:



4 modules composed in sequence 1.0; 2.0; 3.0 and 4.0. These modules can be presented in versions:

- FULL, where each module lasts 8 hours

- POCKET with 2 hours



The form of presentation was structured to be:



(i) 100% face-to-face

(ii) 100% EAD

(iii) BLENDED being 50% in person and 50% EAD.


R$ 800.00, in cash via deposit, per module, of 8 hours each.

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