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Banking and Finance

Our professionals specialized in banking and finance are prepared to assist clients in the most varied operations, whether they are trade finance, securitization, debt restructuring, project finance, constitution of banking institutions, mergers and acquisitions and banking products and services.


In addition to its vast experience in representing the interests of our clients in administrative proceedings before the Central Bank of Brazil - Bacen - as well as the Securities and Exchange Commission - CVM - the office obtained positive recognition in the representation of financial institutions before Bacen and the National Financial System Resource Council, CRSFN.


The performance of specialized professionals in this area of our office includes the following services:


- Advising financial institutions, asset managers and the like with a view to structuring operations in the country and abroad;

- Elaboration, negotiation and implementation of financial operations in domestic currency, which includes onlending operations from the National Bank for Economic and Social Development - BNDES;

- Assistance in structured and complex operations, whether in Brazil or abroad;

- Adequacy to the regulatory framework of the financial system, derivatives and Basel agreement - International Convergence of Capital Measurement and Capital Standards;

- Advice related to syndicated loans as well as multilateral agencies;

- Advice and legal support to Brazilian companies in raising funds abroad, and that are committed to national exports - export securitization - or through the issuance of bonds, commercial paper, certificates of deposit, fixed rate notes and floating rate notes, between others;

- Advice related to external loans for working capital and financing in projects related to the infrastructure area;

- Constitution of FIDCs and structures related to securitization of receivables;

- Advice and legal assistance in fundraising through hybrid instruments of capital and debt, financial bills, perpetual debts and subordinated debts;

- Securities in the real estate sector and also in agribusiness;

Operations involving foreign trade financing - trade finance;

- Analysis of the structuring of guarantees, such as sureties, sureties, commercial pledge, fiduciary and industrial assignment, fiduciary sale, domain reserve, among others;

- Advice related to m-payments, payment methods, credit and debit cards, among others;

- Operations involving acquisition and association, merger of companies in the financial system and exploration of distribution channels;

- Specific consultancy in wealth management and private banking;

- Expertise in administrative processes whether at Bacen, CVM, as well as at CRSFN;

- Structuring and regulation of different types of funds, such as investment funds.